Barware Items

Barware makes a great impression on your guests. Use the diverse products from the reputed Barware Items Supplier, Old Man Arts International. A range of products is available with the trusted Barware Items Supplier.

The ISO-certified unique antler-styled snack picks. The Matel CE and ISO-certified Bar Flask. It helps to maintain liquid temperature. The Barware Items Supplier provides acrack-resistant metal bar tool set. It is handy and has a flawless finish.

Other items are acorrosion-proof and crack-proof copper bar bucket and a rainbow stainless steel barware set. The Barware Items Supplier list also has a durable metal bottle opener, ash and trash binsand a copper-plated brass wine goblet.

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Brassware Products

Brass Products are attractive to look at and add a touch of class. Old Man Arts International is a front-runner company dealing inBrassware Products in Delhi. The company deals in a range of brassware products. These are of high-quality metal and are CE and ISO-certified.

The Brass Candle holders have interesting tabletop and wall-mounted versions. The beer mugs are durable and easily washable. The Brassware Products in Delhi include the Cup and Tea set. It is a corrosion-proof product. The ISI-certified Brass Sierra Pan and the plain or printed Brass Tray for servingare for everyday use.

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Copperware Products

Copperware is in vogue. They haveseveral health benefits. The Old Man Arts International company is atopCopperware Manufacturer. They are a well-known name in the industry for their high-standard products. The Copperware Manufacturer makes products of many varieties.

Copper bathtubs, candle holders, buckets and tongue cleaners are some of the non-food related items. The others are for food and beverages. The Copperware Manufacturer produces glasses, tea sets, sierra cup pans, mule mugs, hammered jug sets, bottles and kadai.

The Kashmiri tea sets of copper are lacquered and have an attractive look.

These are all items of daily use and make great gift items.

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Drinkware Products

A leading name among Drinkware Products Supplier is the Old Man Arts International company. The drinkware is of good-quality brass. These glasses are durable yetlightweight. Their pattern is plain. They are good for everyday drinking water use andare easy to clean. They have a polished surface finish.

The products of the Drinkware Products Supplierare also for use on special occasions. These are brass-cast silver-plated drinkware. The silver metal of the glasses makesthem fancy and stylish. They make great decorative tableware. The velvet box packaging of each set is perfect for gifting.

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